Guided Mindfulness Recordings

MBSR Atlanta Logo Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction For those who would like to begin a daily Mindfulness practice, I offer the following guided audios. It can be very helpful to begin the practice gradually on a daily basis. For safety reasons, do not use these practices while driving.  These practices are offered to assist you in learning to use mindfulness practices and not as a substitute for therapeutic modalities offered by medical or mental health practices.  All recordings are Copyright 2016 MBSR Atlanta.
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Guided Mindfulness Recordings

The following audio recordings may be useful to you in beginning to establish a daily mindfulness practice.


This first recording is a 12 minute guided body scan. You may like to lie down for this practice but it is fine to remain seated. Try to find a time and location that is quite without too many distractions.


This next recording is a 5 minute guided mindfulness of the breath practice. It may be helpful to have practiced the body scan prior to starting this practice but this is not necessary. Also, here is an article on mindfulness of the breath.


This 3rd practice originates from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and was developed by therapists at Cambridge University. I have adapted the practice here with a brief 3 minute practice. This can be useful to tune in to the current state of the mind and body at various times during the day.


Below are two timers to use with unguided practice

5 minute timer


10 minute timer


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New Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses starting in March 13, 2017 (learn more)

MBSR Atlanta has new 8-week MBSR courses beginning in August. The MBSR course is an excellent way to begin a mindfulness practice under the guidance of a University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness, trained Mindfulness instructor.  The MBSR program teaches a wide range of mindfulness practices and how to use these to respond more effectively to stress.  When you finish the eight weeks, you will have begun an established daily mindfulness practice that can benefit you for your entire life with regard to coping with stress, mind/body awareness, and in having a more established sense of present moment awareness.   Call Jon Kendrick at 706-887-7005 if you have questions or would like to learn more about the program. (Learn more)