Corporate and Medical Mindfulness Programs

Today’s work environments have the latest technology to allow more work to be done in less time.  Along with this, the pace of life has increased and employees may experience a significant increase in stress as work has become more fast paced and hectic.  Although the technologies of work have increased, it is easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of work, the development of our minds.

Research on mental states has shown that the quality of our thinking and ability to effectively solve problems is dependent on the current mental state of the person.  Creativity is highly influenced by a person’s mental state.  Mindfulness practice allows us to become consciously aware of our emotions, thinking and moods.  The training can help us learn to live and work in more balanced ways so we take better care of ourselves and can work more effectively and in healthier ways.

Our corporate mindfulness-based programs teach ways to develop our mental processes in ways that allow us to work more effectively while reducing stress reactivity and improving work satisfaction.  Other potential benefits include improvements in listening and focusing skills, greater empathy and better interpersonal functioning.  This can be especially valuable for employees that work directly with clients or patients.

We offer corporate programs ranging from brief introductory programs, half day programs, and full day programs to customized workshops and extended programs meeting weekly.  We are available to meet with your company to discuss our available  programs in more detail.  Call Jon Kendrick at 706-887-7005 if you have questions.